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Alex Hughes
Associate Broker
Sun Valley Real Estate LLC

Sun Valley, A Great Place to Wake UP!  Whether you are a full time home buyer, or you are looking for a second home, vacation retreat, investment property or a retirement home, Sun Valley has it all.  All locations, prices and styles are available in Blaine County at this time!  including some quiet non-listed properties.  I am a full service buying and selling broker and I can find or sell your residential, commercial, ranch or rental property.  The happiest clients are well-educated to our real estate market.  Knowing that you are well informed allows for easy decisions leading to successful listing or buying of your Sun Valley home.  Give me a call so I can share with you what our beautiful valley has to offer, from housing to schools, recreation and our Sun Valley lifestyle.  I am excited for 2016 as this past year has been very active with new young families moving to Blaine County and second home buyers purchasing with thoughts of retiring here in the valley.  Mortgage rates continue to be the lowest in 50 years – a great time for borrowing money.  I look forward to talking with you about the vitality of the current real estate market and the great deals that are currently available.